Hands on operations, we will become the service provider of choice for corporate South Africa and Government.

Our Core Values

Calvin and Family Group was established in 2005 and has 15 years experience in development and construction industry specialising initially in residential developments and later branching out into commercial, retail, industrial development and civils, and recently more into low cost housing and schools over this period.

Calvin and Family Group further diversified into other sectors such as Security,Logistics ,Minerals ,Food Processing ,Clothing Manufacturing ,Hospitality Precast Concrete Products, Media Branding ,Pr and Communications.Overall one can see that with the wealth of experience and passion for the industry we not only get things but take pride in what we do.

Mission Statement

To form long-term relationships with our clients in order to deliver a service of superior standards in the industry and be irreplaceable by our clients

Our approach
to the projects

WE demonstrate COMMITMENT​ through:


WE SAFTY accountability By :

We innovation accountability by: