About Calvin and Family Group

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Calvin and Family Group is a 100% black-owned entity that was established in 2005 as a sole proprietary, legally registered in 2009.

With 11 years’ experience in the development and construction industry, the Group specialised initially in residential developments and later branched out into commercial,
retail, industrial development and civil, and more recently into low-cost housing and schools.

Employing the right people, having the necessary infrastructure, the relevant capacity and providing the required service punctually, are regarded as non-negotiable principles. The Group’s people represent an investment in growth, and mutual respect, transparency and integrity.

Committed to managing the business responsibly, the company aims to minimise and eliminate risks for clients and is prepared to stretch the limit in or der to grow and
increase their potential continuously and to achieve the desired expectation and results.

Activities and Operations

Over the years, the business has gr own tremendously, expanded its prospects and launched security services, engineering consulting, project management, branding, printing and marketing, Black Pride Media, SA Precast; the latest edition to the family being Unique Lifestyle Café – an upmarket restaurant located in the heart of the leafy suburb of Umhlanga, KwaZulu-Natal.

Calvin and Family Group has achieved excellent results in managing resource allocation among different projects in order to maintain a quality portfolio. In addition, it has demonstrated capability of understanding technological and business initiatives.

The Calvin and Family Properties, one of the six subsidiaries under Calvin and Family Group, has stayed on top of the game and built an IAAF level 1 athletic stadium. The company has managed to attract various clients in the public an d private sectors.

The company’s interest doesn’t only lie in business but also in developing and
empowering every community wherein the company works; the company ensures
that for every programme in which it is involved, 20% of the staff originates from that community.

With the success and growth of Calvin and Family Group they have thus far opened
doors and employed over 150 permanent and 500 part-time staff. Over and above
financial remunerations the company also empowers their local staff with skills and
mentorship programmes.


• Equality
• Integrity
• People First
• Commitment

Empowerment Status


Overall BEE Status Level 1

Procurement Level – 135%


Verified by: SANA

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