Unique Lifestyle Café is Durban’s posh dining restaurant situated at The Square 250 Umhlanga Rocks Drive, the heart of the leafy suburb of KZN, Umhlanga.


The scenery is breathtaking and classy but it can still accommodate casual moods. It is a perfect spot for everyone who can linger till late to enjoy a bottle of wine or even a beer after their meals. Visitors from all walks of life will also ne be made to feel at home with our dishes with our dishes ranging from ekasi braai to executive’s sophisticated dinners.

This is no ordinary eatery. It is an Afritalian Restaurant, a mixture of Italian and African’s cuisine. Unique Lifestyle Café offers a modern take on African authenticity and welcomes foreign delicacies in a smooth blend that that will leave you feeling like an Oliver Twist. It’s ideal for late night dining concepts, offering incredible food and a relaxed, upmarket vibe that could be enjoyed by families and young adults alike. In our commitment to quality and a healthy lifestyle, here at Unique Lifestyle Café we use only the best ingredients to produce the items on our exceptional menu


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